5 types of courses to awaken your body, your heart and connect them to your mind for a more open mind.

Yoga Hatha Sivananda

Hatha Yoga focuses primarily on purifying the body as the path to purifying the mind.
According to the traditional and holistic approach (too often forgotten these days), an asana is a posture in which you feel both comfort and stability in each pose.

Swami Sivananda invented the idea of five yoga practices which together guide us towards a balanced and yogic lifestyle:
– Appropriate exercise
– Good breathing
– Appropriate relaxation
– A good diet
– Positive thinking and meditation

Yoga Vinyasa

Vinyasa Yoga is a modern style of yoga.
Rather than focusing on “getting into posture” and then breathing, the goal is to keep deep breathing and body awareness consistent in all movements during practice.

It is a practice that consists of poses linked and associated with each other.
– Linking of poses
– Breath initiates movement
– Cardiovascular work-out
– Variety
– Moving meditation

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra can be practiced by everyone.
It is a subtle, yet very powerful practice that can help us deal with every-day stress.

Yoga Nidra literally means yogic sleep. It is an ancient technique where the practitioner enters the deep states of conscious relaxation, states of harmonious and restful being.

– Rejuvenates the body
– Reduces stress
– Improves concentration
– Improves memory
– Improves ANS (autonomic nervous system) response

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very gentle yoga approach on maintaining simple postures but very effective in terms of flexibility, body awareness and breathing.

An excellent practice for finding oneself, (re) -connecting to oneself, recharging one’s batteries, while relieving deep tensions, physical and mental.

Méditation et Philosophie

Do you want to broaden your knowledge of Yoga?
The practice of asanas is only one of the 5 principles of yoga. The richness of his teachings is endless. Discover yogic thought and its openness. More than a practice, it is a philosophy of life, a “science”, which fits into an even larger whole: Ayurveda (“science of life”), an ancestral knowledge born in India there is 5000 years old.

The power of meditation on physical and mental health is now scientifically proven. The courses consist of guided meditations and the learning of different techniques to become autonomous.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Yoga Caline.

Who can do yoga?

Anyone can do yoga. Whether you are; active or inactive, muscular or skinny, happy or depressed, anxious or stressed, flexible or stiff, energetic or tired, shy or extroverted, rushed or calm, yoga is for you.

There are different styles of yoga. Some are more or less gentle, more or less dynamic, whatever the style yoga is for you. The style given by Yoga Caline is the one that calms your mind and relaxes your body, not that of the neighbour, the books or the teacher.

What benefits can I get from yoga?

  • A body in great shape, improved flexibility, increased muscle tone.
  • Unlimited dynamism, energy and general well-being.
  • A serene mind, a calm mind, better management of emotions and stress.
  • Improved metabolism (nervous, digestive, respiratory systems).

The above are a non-exhaustive list of the scientifically proven benefits of a yoga practice.

What should I know for my first session?

Yoga is practiced barefoot. Mats, cushions and straps are available free of charge in the studio. However it is strongly recommended to bring your own equipment for reasons of hygiene in particular.

Wear light, flexible, comfortable clothing, which allow you to move freely. At the end of the session during the final relaxation the body tends to cool down so bring warm clothing (shawl, sweater, socks).

There are changing rooms on-site where you can change and leave your personal belongings.

What happens during a session?

A session is structured in three stages:

  • Preparation of the body and mind; Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Surya Namaskar (sun salutation): warm-up and wake up the joints and body.
  • Asanas (postures); the practice of these are done while respecting the stimulation of the chakras (energetic centres), in awareness and symbiosis with the breath. Each posture prepares for the next and allows deep work on the whole body.
  • Final relaxation

What are the different styles of yoga offered by Yoga Caline?

  • If you are a beginner and have never practiced yoga before or prefer an easier session opt for a “Yoga Hatha Sivananda SOFT” course; a gentle approach focused on the work of breath and alignment, suitable for ALL, and especially for people suffering with back problems.
  • The “Yoga Nidra” or “Yoga of awake sleep” is learning to relax.  1h 30m perfectly suited to those who seek to manage their stress, regain sleep and relax deeply.
  • If you have already practiced yoga regularly we invite you to join a “Yoga Hatha Sivananda” or “Yoga Vinyasa” class.
  • In any case you are free to participate in any of the various courses according to your rhythm and your mood of the day.  Listen to yourself always. There is never any obligation to practice all the postures proposed during the course, or to maintain them during the suggested time.

Should I tell my teacher about my pain?

YES! It is very important for the teacher to know if you have a particular physical problem in order to be able to suggest a variation to you. The teacher will be able to give you instructions that suit YOU, to allow you to practice the posture that suits YOU.

Variations will be given according to the possibilities of each posture. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and to listen to their bodies in the postures. Indeed, the perfect posture is one that calms your mind and relaxes your body, not that of your neighbour, books or the teacher.

What should I eat before a Yoga class?

Important note: it is not recommended to practice yoga after eating. So wait 2 hours to allow the body time to digest before taking a class.

However if you need to eat before class, fruits are the most digestible food. Consume 1 hour before a class, they will recharge you with sugar, vitamins, minerals and water.

How many times a week should I practice yoga?

  • One will allow you to relieve your stress.
  • Two times will transform your balance and free your breathing.
  • Three times will transform your body and clear your mind.

How long before I see results?

  • After the first class you will feel light and free from tension.
  • After a week of classes your metabolism will be working better.
  • After a month of classes your general health will have improved significantly.

Is yoga a religion?

Yoga taught at Villa A Corps Studio is more of a physical practice developing our attention, listening skills and letting go. There is a philosophy of yoga taught in a specific course but it is not a religion, it’s more a way of life to achieve better health and well-being.

What Caline Yoga Students Say

Two years ago I joined the Yoga Caline studio and it is not only my relationship with yoga that has changed but it has been able to guide me towards other practices such as meditation. The lessons are for all levels and Caline taught me to get closer to my body and to adapt my own abilities. In addition Caline speaks perfect English.

Massage therapist

Caline's yoga class is the best I've had in a long time. She is caring, very professional and soothing. Caline adapts to all levels, personalities and bodies which are all different. She was able to adapt to the difficult conditions of the covid-19 crisis so that we can continue to practice safely either by internet or in a nice site north of Nîmes.


With Caline, from the first lesson, I felt relaxed, rested, more flexible. Caline is very attentive to her students; it helps us and corrects us. Gradually the postures seem easier to execute.


64 years, Retired

A pure moment of escape and relaxation! Caline makes us aware of our capacity for relaxation, flexibility and letting go. A breath of fresh air for a day full of energy and serenity.


32 years, Entrepreneur

His teaching takes into account the differences in levels and allows a constant progression. Listening is there, as well as good humor. You will understand: I recommend you come and try!


55 years, Caregiver

During my pregnancy, home lessons helped me reconnect with my body, stay active and calmly prepare for the arrival of my baby. Caline invites you to practice yoga with confidence.


Project Manager

Find a better life: a body in great shape, limitless dynamism and energy, a serene mind, ready to face any situation.