Whatever the problem that motivates you, the desire you have, the reasons why you turn to yoga, solutions adapted to your body and your personality exist. Do not hesitate to share them and we will find together a learning path that will suit you fully and allow you to improve your health, your life, your balance.

Discover the different styles of yoga that we offer at Yoga Caline

Annual subscriptions


Membership of the association Yoga Nimes Caline: MANDATORY

It is 30 € for the year from September to June, includes insurance and the running costs of the association in its daily life. It is due from the 1st class (except trial class) and must be accompanied by a medical certificate, also compulsory, authorizing the practice of yoga.

Private lessons

Each class lasts between 60 and 75 minutes depending on the case.

What Caline Yoga Students Say

Two years ago I joined the Yoga Caline studio and it is not only my relationship with yoga that has changed but it has been able to guide me towards other practices such as meditation. The lessons are for all levels and Caline taught me to get closer to my body and to adapt my own abilities. In addition Caline speaks perfect English.

Massage therapist

Caline's yoga class is the best I've had in a long time. She is caring, very professional and soothing. Caline adapts to all levels, personalities and bodies which are all different. She was able to adapt to the difficult conditions of the covid-19 crisis so that we can continue to practice safely either by internet or in a nice site north of Nîmes.


With Caline, from the first lesson, I felt relaxed, rested, more flexible. Caline is very attentive to her students; it helps us and corrects us. Gradually the postures seem easier to execute.


64 years, Retired

A pure moment of escape and relaxation! Caline makes us aware of our capacity for relaxation, flexibility and letting go. A breath of fresh air for a day full of energy and serenity.


32 years, Entrepreneur

His teaching takes into account the differences in levels and allows a constant progression. Listening is there, as well as good humor. You will understand: I recommend you come and try!


55 years, Caregiver

During my pregnancy, home lessons helped me reconnect with my body, stay active and calmly prepare for the arrival of my baby. Caline invites you to practice yoga with confidence.


Project Manager

Find a better life: a body in great shape, limitless dynamism and energy, a serene mind, ready to face any situation.